Students Holding Books is a Student Accommodation Platform that's a lot more than just a Student Accommodation Platform. helps you find new tenants with the help of your existing ones whilst telling you exactly what you're doing right, and how you could improve.

What is WhatAccomm? is a Student Accommodation website - we help students find homes. was created by Students, so we know exactly what Students look for when searching for a place to live.

Student's expectations are growing and growing every year, and you need a way to tell them exactly how you can meet them.

What makes WhatAccomm different?

One of our core values is to have "Recent and Up-to-date" reviews of student accommodation. We take steps to ensure reviews are up-to-date, accurate and trustworthy unlike some other review websites.

Reviews made by students are automatically archived after two years and flagged as old, we understand that accommodation providers are constantly improving their buildings and feel like old reviews do not accurately represent the state of the building in the present day.

Old reviews are never deleted, just flagged as old. So you can still see how the building has changed over time.

Universities and Accommodation Providers can directly manage their buildings online, without any hassle of email or phone calls to get stuff changed. This means all the info on WhatAccomm is correct and reliable.

How can WhatAccomm help me?

The answer to this question may vary depending on if you're a University of Provider, more information for your specific use case can be find below.

In summary, WhatAccomm leverages the power of voice. Students place reviews for a building, and we make them easily available and ensure they're relevant & reliable.

This helps Students to find a more complete and up-to-date view on accommodations they're looking at, gives Universities more information to help students, and helps accommodation providers get more tenants by asking existing tenants to place reviews.

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